Photoshop Animation Tutorial

Learn how to make Flashing images with our easy to follow tutorial for Photoshop.
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Want us to make your picture flash for you with our flashing image generater? Try it out!!! Flashing Image Generator most of the time the results look nice and clean depending on the original color of your picture you upload. If you want to learn how to do it yourself keep reading.

Program Used: Adobe Photoshop CS
Download: 30 day free trial at

STEP ONE: Open up Photoshop and go to FILE > OPEN and open the photograph you will be animating. I'll be using Blair from Gossip Girl. This is what the original photo looks like.

STEP TWO: Now you need to have your layers palette open, if you don't, go to WINDOW > LAYERS and that will open it. On your photograph you're now going to duplicate the layer by going to LAYER > DUPLICATE LAYER up in the top menu. Now after that, make a whole new blank layer. By doing so, you need to press the bottom button on your layers palette right to the left of the garbage can. See the picture below.

STEP THREE: After you've done that. Click your paint bucket tool (if you're paint bucket tool isnt there, right click and choose it). Fill in the blank layer with whatever color you want.

Do that for about 2 or 3 more layers of different colors, new blank layer, color it in and once you've done that. We will change the settings.

STEP FOUR: So now that you've got 3 different color layers, we will need to change the setting on them. On your layers palette, on the drop down menu, click on HARD LIGHT and make that for all 3 colored layers. You'll also see a scrolling percent for OPACITY, change that on all 3 to %35.

STEP FIVE: Now it's time to animate the picture! If you don't have your animation window open. Go to WINDOW > ANIMATION and a box will open. It will have 1 layer total of your current picture. Right below that layer, the will be something that says "0 sec." Click that and change it 1 sec. Now you want to duplicate that layer 2 more times. So at the the bottom of that box theres a list of icons. Click the one right to the left of the Trash can on the right side. Click it twice. There should now be a total of 3 frames that all look the same. Go back to the first one. Now go to your layer palette and unclick 2 of the colored layers. (you can do that by clicking the eye to the left of the layers and it will dissapear). Now on your animation palette, click the second picture. Go back to your layers palette, unclick 2 of the colors and leave 1 different color open, and so on. Here's what it should look like:

STEP SIX: Once you're done. Click the "Play >" button on the animation to see your picture and make sure it works right. Now we need to save it. Go to FILE > SAVE FOR WEB AND DEVICES. A box will pop up. Click on the little world down in the bottom corner. A save box will appear, save your image as ".gif" and you're done.

You now have an animated image! This is what it will look like completed!

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